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CYC PHRF Ratings


The ratings are by boat for spinnaker and non-spinnaker.

These ratings are used for all races by CYC, including sponsored regattas, pursuit starts, and buoy racing. 
The ratings in use are either from US Sailing  or from PHRF New England, the largest PHRF reporting fleet in the US.
Note that the differential from spinnaker to non-spinnaker is not published
by either source,  rather they publish the Base rating for a boat. In that scenario,  the base rating is almost always for a spinnaker configuration. CYC uses its best judgement as to the offset to non-spinnaker, using established sources (e.g. other clubs, certificates) and our own experiences in prior races.

Toys for Tots
December 14th, 2024

In consideration of being permitted to participate in a Conroe Yacht Club racing event and being fully knowledgeable of the risks of sailing as a competitive sport, and that it is the sole responsibility of each skipper to start or continue a race, I voluntarily assume the risk of such participation for myself, my family, my crew and guests and agree to hold harmless and indemnify against any and all losses and or claims incidental to the event, Conroe Yacht Club, its officers, or members or persons conducting this event.

Thanks for submitting!

Conroe Yacht Club,  425 River Road, Montgomery, Tx. 77356.

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