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Call it a Z like Dave did or call it an X like Zane did, it is a way to get 8 nautical miles of sailing for a pursuit start race on an open part of the lake and still start and finish somewhere near the CYC cove.


The start and finish will be located just to the south of the CYC cove. From there, go across the lake to the east and find a race mark to the southeast of AYERS ISLAND, go counterclockwise around mark one and head for mark two, located in the WALDEN YACHT CLUB cove. Go clockwise around mark two and head for mark 3 located between POINT AQUARIUS and the LIGHTHOUSE. Go clockwise around mark 3 and head back to the finish line. The Start/Finish line is between an orange ball and the CYC RC pontoon boat. All marks are located at 20 feet plus depth. Pay attention to all seen and unseen shallows on the rest of the lake.

WHEN DO I START?? You start when you are told and not before! Easy enough, check what kind of boat you have and check the starting time list. Choose either with or without Spinnaker and start at the appropriate time. The starting time list is located in the clubhouse and on the CYC website. WHAT TIME IS IT? Check your phone for the site for the official time.

I STILL DON'T GET IT!?! Communication is on VHF Channel 72, phone/text 913-744-8319, coming close enough to shout at the RC boat but no skipper’s meeting will be held.

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