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Toys for Tots- Thank you!

Thank You Conroe Yacht Club!

Thanks to the members and guests who attended the Toys-For-Tots regatta and supported this annual event. This “cruise for a cause” attracted 16 boats and maintained its reputation for good fun. A special thanks to Paul for preparing the RC boat and getting the marks and radio ready. Zane came out and helped with the course set up and record keeping, while Steve and his buddy Andy came out to help pick up the marks after the race.

The cut-off time ended at 3pm after four hours of light air sailing proving that no matter what the conditions might be, there is always a race. After 4 hours and 6 miles, the top 4 boats were within a couple hundred yards of each other and on the final leg home. At the end, Ronald Liston and crew scratched out a victory over Grant Wolfe in second, Dave Hopkins in third and Mike Lindstrom in fourth. Had the race gone the distance, any one of these boats could have won, it was just that close. Everyone else finished in place either on the lake or with an earlier return to the dock.

The awards ceremony also included Anne Carter who won the intrepid sailor award for single handed sailing, although her buddy Olivia was definitely there in spirit. Anne won last year in her classic Ensign and hopefully shared the contents of the trophy with her friends.

The collection of toys was mounting by the end of the evening and the collection boxes will be available in the clubhouse for the remainder of the month. There is no limit to the charity and big hearts of our club members and friends.

Other awards and a full report of the Christmas party will follow. Thanks again to the Liston Family for their continued support of the Conroe Yacht Club and making all of this possible.

Cruise Directors,

Tom and Teresa Schroder

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